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Please let us know about devices the site doesn't work on


G'day comrades!

We're looking for various devices and browsers that the videos doesn't work on, or the site doesn't even load.

This site is absolutely free, and we don't run ads because they suck.
Since it generates no income it's reasonable that we don't buy devices for testing.

What we already have:
- Windows and Linux PCs
- Android phones between 6.0-8.0

If you own anything else that would be nice to support please let us know, eg. Smart TVs, PlayStation 4,  Iphone, Samsung Browser, Chromecast, Amazon fire tv... etc etc.

Simply post the device name, and if you get any error message or just black screen.

It's not always easy to post a useragent since we're not talking about PCs here, so just write down and post the minimal information this website shows: -  It says something like: Your web browser is Chrome xx on Windows 10 (see attached image)
In case you can post your useragent please do so. ( google: "what is my user agent" and it will tell you - If it's a smart TV then a photo is fine)

Let's make this work - one browser at a time 🙂


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